Today's Ireland is progressive, international, hard working and hard playing, all the while actively trying to find a healthy balance.

We want it all! And you can have it!!!

Regardless if your work enviornment is very sedentary or extremely physical, BOTH can be non-stop and cause on going stress and pain with in the body. That is why, either way - ON-SITE MASSAGE will benefit you!

IMAGINE how your employees will feel when you show you RECOGNISE, RESPECT and VALUE them and their contribution to your company by providing them with regular ON-SITE MASSAGE treatments.

Companies like IKEA, BON SECOURS HOSPITAL, QQI and ENTERPRISE IRELAND have set a precedent in employer/employee relations. And have acknowledge the HUGE benefits ON-SITE MASSAGE has because it simultaneously deals with both physical and mental issues. So what better way to promote a healthy, happy AND productive work place?!

Employees experience an INSTANT sense of appreciation, the minute they find out they will be rewarded with an on-site treatment... and that is before they feel the actual physical and mental benefits of the massage! Immediately after the treatment your employees will feel de-stressed, relieved of tension, 100% satisfied and fully energised to continue the days work.